Bion Systems Hi-Flo Foam Applicator

The Bion Water foam applicator unit is a high volume, low pressure system which has been designed to work specifically with the eco range of colloidal cleaning products.

Bion Water Systems “Hi-Flo” foam applicators are the perfect way to apply cleaning product to larger airframes or heavy equipment.

Units are available in wall mount, or optional trolley mount.  The trolley, as well as supporting the applicator, has capacity for 20/25 litre drum of cleaning product.  Units have an output that conforms to all aircraft manufacturers specifications for exterior cleaning.  Fabricated from 316 Stainless Steel.


Benefits of Foam Application include:

  • Product hangs on vertical and overhead panels
  • Gives visual indication of coverage
  • Increased contact time, improving cleaning ability
  • Significant reduction of water and chemical usage
  • Dramatically reduces labour content


Foaming distance: Up to 9.0 metres

Delivery hose: 20 metres x 19 mm ID.


Compressed air = 140 – 230 LPM @ 300 – 500 kPa)

Potable Water = 10 LPM @ 70 – 700 kPa

Water Temperature = 4.5 – 38 Degrees Celsius


Solidus Industries is the Distributor for Bion Systems products.

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