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12 Apostle Helicopters - New EC120

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Solidus Industries would like to congratulate 12 Apostle Helicopters on the acquisition of their new EC120.

The system incorporates four cameras providing footage of the entire tour including internal enroute video of their guests. A copy of the video is then available at the end of the tour in DVD format so the stunning views and excitement of the trip can be replayed at home!

12 Apostles Helicopters are very proud to be the only operator in Australia to offer a Skycam video system. Naturally, Ian and the boys at 12 Apostle Helicopters wouldn’t wash the new baby with anything other than Zi-400. Because this machine operates in a highly corrosive environment, the Turbomeca 2F engine is washed regularly with ZOK 27. Well done guys!

Published 20th February 2006