Our Team

The Solidus Industries team live and breathe quality service, on a worldwide scale. Take the time to meet our management team below.

Annie Mack

Annie Mack

Managing Director

Annie Mack has been a director of Solidus Industries since the company was founded in 1989. In the year 2000, she stepped into her current role as Managing Director.

Annie has always taken an active role in all aspects of the company. She regularly liaises with the manufacturing and logistics team, sales and marketing divisions, customer support and our key suppliers. She loves interacting with each customer and appreciates the support they offer to Solidus. Her passion is people, so don’t be surprised if you find Annie on the end of the phone when you ring or on the end of an email.

Consistency and integrity in business are not only important values, they are Annie’s living way. Super responsive, caring and reliable, Annie leads by example with her keen business sense and finger on the pulse of what is needed to manufacture and supply world class cleaning products across a range of industries including Aviation, Marine, Specialised Vehicles, Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Industrial.

The bedrock of Annie’s work is to provide solid support to the industries that interconnect us all by supplying safe, easy to use, world class cleaning products. She loves getting behind worldwide industry and transport, reducing the cost of corrosion related maintenance and helping the world shine.

Annie takes every step appreciating the imperative role everyone plays collaboratively to offer the world exceptional cleaning products.

Charles Cheesman

Charles Cheesman

Technical Director

Charles Cheesman has been technical director at Solidus Industries since 2001.

A passionate aviator, Charles started out flying hang gliders when he was 14 years old, before moving on to gyrocopters and ultra-lights. With a keen interest in Sports Aviation, Charles has always loved the exhilarating freedom and expansiveness of taking flight.

In his role at Solidus Industries, Charles comes with a wealth of industry knowledge. With over 20 years experience washing with Zi-400, in a range of different conditions and applications, he is an encyclopedia of technical expertise. But what sets Charles apart from your average science buff, is his love of people.

Once you get him started, Charles will leave no stone unturned to ensure that he is able to explain the most complicated concepts in the most simple way. Our customers love Charles’ solid, down to earth and personable approach.

Charles has built great connections in his time at Solidus Industries – from Aircraft Engineers, Defence Personnel and Contractors, Environmental Degradation Managers, Airline Management, Aircraft Owners, Industry Experts and Aircraft Detailers.

Charles has been invited to present at many Aviation events and industry conferences on the best practices for aircraft washing to optimise performance and reduce corrosion related maintenance costs. Over the years, Charles has loved meeting all of the unsung heroes that work in the background supporting the civil and defence aviation sectors.

Ray Karam 1

Ray Karam

Senior Sales Manager | Oceania Region

Ray Karam brings a wealth of experience in sales, business, marketing and a love of connecting with people across a wide range of industries.

Ray spent over 10 years in the NSW Police and over the last 30 years has owned and operated many businesses including retail, distribution, hospitality, production, marketing and service industries. He has spent a great deal of time in the community in prominent roles as well as leading not-for-profit organisations. He has used Zi-400 almost daily in his own business for over 4 years and brings that practical experience, application and love for the product to the ground.

As our senior sales manager, Ray provides the perfect mix of experience, practicality, integrity with great consistent service.

Jonathan Baldwin

Jonathan Baldwin

Marketing Director

Jonathan Baldwin has been marketing director at Solidus Industries since 2017. He comes with over 10 years experience in website design and development, video production, photography and copywriting.

In his role at Solidus Industries, Jonathan is dedicated to presenting highly technical concepts in the most simple and engaging way. He ensures that every detail of the company from branding development, to product labels, to product brochures, to digital and print advertising is all in line with the vibrancy, integrity and world class service that Solidus Industries provides.

The service and products that Solidus have to offer the world are absolute gold. Jonathan looks forward to continuing to share the message of the great benefits of Solidus’ corrosion inhibiting product range within the Aviation, Marine, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Defence, Specialised Vehicles and Industrial sectors.