About Solidus Industries

Based in Australia and the USA, Solidus Industries manufactures and distributes a specialised range of advanced corrosion inhibiting cleaning products to the Aviation, Defence, Power Generation, Marine, Oil & Gas and Industrial sectors worldwide.

Who We Are

For over 25 years, Solidus Industries has manufactured and distributed world class corrosion inhibiting cleaning products.

Our Zi-400 HD Aircraft Cleaner is Australia’s leading aviation cleaning product, loyally used by the Australian Defence Force, search and rescue operators, police airwing, air medical services, commercial airlines, flight training schools, charter services, aerial application and general aviation.

Our Cleen Screen Aviation Windscreen & Canopy Cleaner provides crystal clear vision for pilots across Australia & New Zealand.

We are also Oceania distributors of OEM approved ZOK 27 Gas Turbine Cleaner, a trusted product widely used in the Power Generation and Oil & Gas industries.

In recent years, Solidus Industries have expanded our product range to bring the scientifically proven benefits of Zi-400 to the Marine, Industrial and Specialised Vehicle industries.

With headquarters in Brisbane, Australia and California, USA we provide outstanding customer service and smooth logistics to our global network of customers.

If you are interested in connecting with the Solidus team and learning more about how our advanced cleaning products can maximise the lifespan of your assets while reducing corrosion related maintenance costs, contact us.

Zi 400 Aircraft Cleaner Australian Defence Force Blackhawk Helicopter
Woodside Karratha Gas Plant North West Shelf Project

Image Courtesy of Woodside

Zi 400 Marine Superyacht Clean 5

Our Achievements

Australia’s only manufacturer of Approved Aircraft Cleaning Products.

Fully integrated Manufacturing, Research and Development and Warehouse facility in Victoria, Australia.

In a study commissioned by the Australian Defence Force in 1993, our Zi-400 Aircraft Cleaner was scientifically tested alongside 18 fully approved aviation cleaning products. With its powerful corrosion inhibiting formula, Zi-400 won the contest, shutting down corrosion rates to almost zero.

Supplier of Zi-400 Aircraft Cleaner to the Department of Defence since 1993.

Zi-400 has been an integral part of the corrosion prevention and control plan for a range of Australian Defence Force fleets including the AP-3C Orion, C-130J Hercules, F/A-18F Super Hornet, EA-18G Growler, MRH-90, Blackhawk, E-7A Wedgetail, P-8A Poseidon and more.

Proud suppliers of Zok products to Australia’s Power Generation and Oil & Gas industries. Zok 27 is the world leading water-based gas turbine cleaner.

In 2016, Solidus Industries commissioned Deakin University in Melbourne to recreate the 1993 testing by the ADF, testing Zi-400 against a prominent aviation approved cleaning product that is currently used throughout the world. Zi-400 was again proven to be a powerful corrosion inhibitor, out performing its rival hands down.

Now bringing the Scientifically Proven benefits of Zi-400 to the Marine and Specialised Vehicles Industries.

Solidus Industries ISO 9001

ISO 9001 Certified Company.


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Solidus Industries Product Range
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