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Catch up on the latest news at Solidus and explore the science behind our industry leading corrosion inhibiting product range.

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Matt Hall Zi-400 HD Aircraft Cleaner

Matt Hall: Zi-400 – My Secret Weapon Against Aircraft Corrosion

In this video, Red Bull Air Race World Champion and former Royal Australian Air Force fighter pilot Matt Hall reveals the best aircraft cleaning product ...
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How to Wash an Aircraft

The Correct Way to Wash an Aircraft

Before we start with how to wash an aircraft correctly and successfully, maybe we should first ask, why should we wash it?
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Maintaining Ageing Aircraft

Maintaining Ageing Aircraft

All aircraft whether general aviation, business jets, commercial airliners or defence aircraft will begin the ageing process from the day they are first flown.
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Scientific testing of Zi-400 Aircraft Cleaner dates back to 1993, when the Australian Defence Force commissioned a study into the impact of 19 fully approved aviation cleaning products on the corrosion rates of aluminium alloy used in military aircraft.

The results speak for themselves. Zi-400 was found to be a powerful corrosion inhibitor, with the extraordinary ability to arrest existing corrosion after it has commenced, shutting down corrosion rates to almost zero.

Zi 400 HD Aircraft Cleaner 20L

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Pilot Steve Green at the 2024 Angel Flight Air Race which was proudly sponsored by Solidus Industries

Solidus Industries Announces Sponsorship of 2024 Air Race in Support of Angel Flight

Solidus Industries is proud to announce its sponsorship of the 2024 Air Race to support Angel Flight.
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Paul Andronicou Aerobatics

Why Aerobatic Champion Paul Andronicou trusts Solidus products

Paul Andronicou is a Melbourne based aerobatic air show display & unlimited category competition pilot – claiming the title of Australia’s unlimited aerobatic and freestyle ...
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ZOK Gas Turbine Compressor Cleaner Peak Performance

Cleaning Gas Turbine Compressors

If you want an excellent gas turbine compressor cleaner, then you had better use one with an established pedigree. Over 30 years ago the RAF ...
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Heliflite Authorised Reseller Solidus Products

Heliflite Services Pty Ltd authorised reseller of Solidus Industries products

Solidus Industries are excited to announce that Heliflite Services Pty Ltd have become authorised resellers of our Aviation range of products.
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CASA Airworthiness Bulletin AWB 02 019

CASA AWB 02-019

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) recently released an Airworthiness Bulletin to address the widespread trend of aircraft operators washing with unapproved cleaning products, which ...
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Airframe Corrosion

Is there a relationship between aircraft washing and corrosion?

The cost of corrosion to the U.S. Commercial aircraft industry for the year 1996 was estimated at $2.225 billion. Further, it has been stated that ...
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Corrosion of Metal

More Than Just A Risk… Minimising Aircraft Corrosion with Correct Washing

At Rotortech 2014 we talked with Charles Cheesman, Technical Manager at Solidus Industries, about the importance of washing aircraft with certified products.
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ZOK 27 Aircraft Engine Cleaner Worth Weight Gold

ZOK – More Than Worth Its Weight In Gold

Gas turbine compressor washing - to do or not to do? That’s certainly a leading question. Perhaps the answer is not that difficult in reality.
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Steve Deane Annie Mack Avalon Airshow 2013

Mutual Trust and Integrity Drives an Innovative Business

In 1989 Annie Mack, an experienced business manager, formed a new company. The plan was to manufacture and distribute environmentally responsible cleaning products for the ...
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12 Apostle Helicopters New EC120

12 Apostle Helicopters – New EC120

Solidus Industries would like to congratulate 12 Apostle Helicopters on the acquisition of their new EC120. The system incorporates four cameras providing footage of ...
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