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My motorcycle was filthy, Melbourne's been a bit wet lately and the road grime was building to a point where I couldn't stand it any more. Saved a couple of buckets of water from the shower and washed it at the weekend with Zi-400 Aircraft Colloidal Cleaner, the result was amazing, the mess just about fell off by itself with just a rinse afterwards and left a sparkling finish like it had been polished. I'm glad we bought a 5 litre container to last till forever, I recommend it to everyone who gets dirty and just wish I had a dirty aeroplane already to wash with this stuff.

Peter - RV's in Aus

Just a quick note - I've found Solidus Industries Cleen Screen to be excellent for the plexiglas and noticed that removal of bugs etc, when using it for the first time, was as difficult as any other product eg plexus. However subsequent usage made life a lot easier - I'm sticking with Solidus Industries from now on, thanks for showing me this product.

Jake Jansen - Aero Assist P/L Adelaide, SA. Glassair IIS

It is with pleasure that we acknowledge our use of your cleaning product Zi-400 Industrial. As a manufacturer of elevating work platforms (cherry pickers), we use Zi-400 at the final stage of production to clean the work platform, bodywork, accessories and vehicle, before presenting the finished work platform to our customers.The product is also used on our specialised electrically insulated models to effectively clean the insulated booms, without having any deleterious effects on the insulation performance, which must maintain up to 275,000 Volts resistance. Overall, we find Zi-400 to be highly effective, without being too ‘harsh’ so as to damage the surface finish of painted, powder coated and gelcoat items as is the case with many other cleaning products.Z1-400’s green credentials enable us to have minimal impact on the environment, which fits in with our environmental policy.

Graeme Boucher - Managing Director Nifty-Lift

Just a note to say how impressed I have been with Solidus Industries’ Zi400 Colloidal Cleaner. Previously it has been very hard to find a cleaner that ticks all the boxes for performance, cost effectiveness, non-hazardous & environmentally friendly.I have found the cleaner to be extremely effective for cleaning dirt and carbon deposits from Paslode Impulse & pneumatic tools. I have also found it effective in removing road grime from motorcycles and motor vehicles.The results are shown to the service agents that I train who have often taken up the cleaner to replace the cleaning methods they previously employed.

Bill Mooney - Paslode

We have been using Zi-400 exclusively for the past 5 years, and have found the product to be excellent, both in terms of the finish, as well as being versatile and easy to use.It meets Airbus AMM specs for almost every use we can think of, which makes the product cost effective for our customer, Jetstar.

Regards Vance Karena - Head of Operations Aeroclean Transformation Services

I just want to acknowledge on paper what a GREAT PRODUCT your Cleen Screen, Windscreen and Canopy Cleaner is. As you know we at Aero Plastics and Structures manufacture windscreens and windows for aircraft and it is my job to make sure all our products are in first class condition when they leave our premises. Your Cleen Screen cleaner is used daily on these products and has a soft smooth finish and also helps with static. I highly recommend the cleaner to anyone and everone in the aviation industry. It really is “GREAT STUFF”

Jenny Goadby - Aero Plastics and Structures

Scouts Australia NSW Air Activity Centre is based at Camden Airport NSW and operates 2 Cessna 172R and 2 Cessna 172S Aircraft. We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest standard in safety and aircraft maintenance. We regularly receive compliments on the very high standard of our aircraft fleet. We certainly find by using Zi-400 Aircraft Cleaner and Cleen Screen assists us in maintaining that high standard.

Murray Kear - Centre Manager