CASA Airworthiness Bulletin
AWB 02-019

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CASA AWB 02-019

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The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) recently released an Airworthiness Bulletin to address the widespread trend of aircraft operators washing with unapproved cleaning products, which have been known to cause corrosion damage to the airframe.

This bulletin confirms what our technical director Charles Cheesman has been presenting for a number of years at Aviation conferences and events, on the importance of aircraft washing to reduce corrosion related maintenance costs.

This Airworthiness Bulletin sets out to provide general guidance and warnings on the subject of aircraft washing and cleaning and also serves as a reminder that any work carried out on an aircraft, including washing and cleaning, is required to be in compliance with the applicable aircraft’s manuals and other relevant product user instructions.

Regardless of whether aircraft washing/cleaning is listed in the maintenance schedule as a task requiring certification or if the owner is cleaning his/her aircraft on the weekend, the basic principles are the same; knowledge or training, some experience with the aircraft type and compliance with the manufacturers details are going to be critical to the continued airworthiness and safe operation of the aircraft.

Published December 2014.