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Cleaning Gas Turbine Compressors

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Why the RAF and GOLD Standards make for a very clean and safe environment when it comes to cleaning Gas Turbine Compressors.

If you want an excellent gas turbine compressor cleaner, then you had better use one with an established pedigree.

Over 30 years ago the RAF commissioned ZOK; a UK based chemical manufacturer to formulate a compressor cleaner that would clean and at the same time protect the Sea King helicopter jet engine from corrosion while the ‘chopper’ waited to go out on its next mission. This requirement determined the formulation of a water based compressor cleaning solution, with a corrosion inhibitor, that has been in full production ever since the successful trials carried out by the RAF back in the early ’80s.

Today this unique formulation with corrosion inhibiting qualities forms the backbone of water based gas path cleaners used by the RAF. Since those early days this unique product has migrated into all industry sectors that have the requirement to keep gas turbine compressors working efficiently and reliably throughout the life of the engines.

The manufacturing facility in the UK includes a modern, well equipped laboratory, staffed by qualified chemists who ensure that all production complies with the stringent OEM specifications to which ZOK products are approved.

The most recent accolade is the GE approval which includes the newer GOLD standard products. The ZOK GOLD range was developed to meet the environmental requirements for use in the North Sea.

As the world changes, the need to provide the most efficient cleaners remains the same. Chemical manufacturers have been forced to formulate increasingly ecofriendly new water based cleaners, to meet the Oslo and Paris regulations. GOLD was originally produced to serve the offshore markets, thereby safeguarding both operators and the surrounding local environment. Only products meeting the stringent GOLD standard can be used for cleaning gas turbines in the North Sea.

Today ZOK has gas turbine compressor cleaning products to meet any industry requirement from anywhere in the world.

Published on 8th September 2015.