Aviation Cleaning Products

For over 30 years, Solidus Industries have supplied advanced corrosion inhibiting cleaning products to the Aviation industry. Our Zi-400 HD Aircraft Cleaner is Australia’s leading aircraft cleaning product, loyally used by the Australian Defence Force since 1993.

Aviation Cleaning Products

For over 30 years, Solidus Industries have supplied advanced corrosion inhibiting cleaning products to the Aviation industry. Our Zi-400 HD Aircraft Cleaner is Australia’s leading aircraft cleaning product, loyally used by the Australian Defence Force since 1993.

Aircraft Corrosion.
Costing the Aviation Industry Billions.

It is no secret that one of the greatest challenges to the profitability of the aviation industry is corrosion. Between maintenance costs and loss of productivity due to aircraft downtime, it has been estimated that corrosion costs the aviation industry in the USA over $2 billion each year alone.

Whether you’re the owner of a light aircraft for general aviation, or in charge of a large commercial fleet of Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier or Embraer aircraft, preventing airframe corrosion is not only a vital safety measure, it is also good business sense.

A proactive approach to preventing corrosion will not only extend the lifespan of an aircraft well beyond its intended design goals, it can save a large fleet operator billions of dollars in the long term. Smaller scale aircraft owners and managers can save tens of thousands.

Looking for the best anti-corrosion aircraft cleaning products? That’s where we come in.

Trusted by the Australian Defence Force Since 1993

Solidus Industries Zi-400 is a revolutionary aircraft cleaning product. Scientifically proven to protect aluminium and steel alloys from corrosion, Zi-400 also has the extraordinary ability to shut down the corrosion process after it has commenced.

Fully approved for exterior and interior use, each day Zi-400 actively protects aircraft from corrosion worldwide within the military, search and rescue, police airwing, air medical services, commercial airlines, charter services, flight training schools, aerial application and general aviation.

Gas Turbine Compressor Cleaner & Corrosion Inhibitor

Solidus Industries are Oceania distributors of ZOK 27, a powerful water-based gas turbine compressor cleaner and corrosion inhibitor that was originally developed for the UK Ministry of Defence over 40 years ago.

Regular washing with ZOK 27 produces outstanding results in aircraft engine performance: reducing fuel consumption while simultaneously increasing power recovery, reliability and the overall lifespan of engine components.

Aircraft Windscreen & Canopy Cleaner

For aircraft windscreens and canopies, Solidus Industries Cleen Screen provides a crystal-clear finish that is completely free of distortion and halo effect. This advanced multi-purpose window cleaner is also great for sunglasses, helmet visors and electronic touch screens.

A powerful companion for cleaning jobs large and small

Our 2 litre pump-up foamer is perfect for end-to-end exterior cleaning of smaller fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. Portable and compact, this hand foamer is also perfect for cleaning hard to reach areas of bigger jobs, like the wheel wells or reverse thrusters on heavy aircraft.

Airframe Cleaning Products

Corrosion is a challenge that all aircraft owners/operators face. Aircraft are often exposed to highly corrosive environments, from salty coastal locations, air pollution from industrialised areas, windborne dust and sand, high humidity, ultraviolet light and volcanic ash. Add to this the risk of corrosion from direct contact with engine exhaust particles, oils and fuels, hydraulic fluid and acidic leaks.

While corrosion prevention methods in the design and manufacture of aircraft have advanced considerably in the past 30 years, over time, exposure to these environments inevitably cause protective paint coatings to harden, become brittle and crack. Original metal primers break down leaving the alloys beneath vulnerable to the natural corrosion process.

While corrosion is typically associated with ageing aircraft, the reality is that the risk of corrosion begins from day one. A prime example was the experience of the Australian Defence Force’s Blackhawks. Entering service as a brand new fleet of over 30 helicopters in 1988, within four years the number of corrosion-related maintenance jobs on the fleet had escalated to over 200, and by 1994 this figure had increased to over 500 per year. The ADF engaged the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DST) to develop a smarter approach to preventing corrosion in aircraft and arresting corrosion rates where it had started to occur. The corrosion prevention and control program combined regular aircraft detergent washing with Solidus Industries Zi-400 Aircraft Cleaner, the use of corrosion inhibiting compounds, dehumidification and advanced corrosion detection tools to catch signs of corrosion early.

The program was a huge success, with corrosion related maintenance jobs reduced to less than 100 by the year 2005; a remarkable result considering the aircraft had also clocked up another 10 years of service during that time.

Zi-400: A Secret Weapon Against Aircraft Corrosion

Solidus Industries Zi-400 HD Aircraft Cleaner is a fully approved airframe cleaner with a powerful corrosion inhibiting formula. Safe and easy to use, regular washing with Zi-400 is an inexpensive way to protect aircraft from costly and potentially dangerous corrosion damage.

With each clean Zi-400 works its way into pores, cracks in the paint work and around rivets and fasteners, displacing moisture, dirt and salts from hard to reach areas that are highly susceptible to corrosion. In situations where corrosion has already set in, Zi-400 can swiftly reduce the rate of corrosion to almost zero.

Additionally, Zi-400 is a robust airframe cleaner. It successfully removes the most stubborn aircraft fouling from carbon deposits, exhaust stains, oils, grease, tyre rubber, hydraulic fluid and environmental contaminants such as salts, dust, bird excrement and atmospheric pollution.

The combined cleaning and corrosion inhibiting abilities of Zi-400 have made it the market leader and industry benchmark throughout the entire aviation sector from ultra-lights and recreational aircraft to the heaviest military and commercial airliners, even the space shuttle.

Approvals and certifications as an exterior and interior aircraft cleaner include:

  • Boeing BSS7432 (Exterior)
  • Boeing BSS7434 (Interior)
  • AMS 1526C, Exterior Cleaner (Accepted by AIRBUS Industries)
  • AMS 1550B, Interior Cleaner (Accepted by AIRBUS Industries)
  • DEF (AUST) 5570A
  • Textron Aviation
  • Bombardier
  • McDonnell Douglas CSD #1
  • Lockheed-Georgia Co. STM32-302
  • Lockheed Martin (Vought Systems)
  • British Aerospace Co T.O.R. 241
  • United Space Alliance
  • Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority Approval REF.DR 95/176/EI1
  • United Kingdom Civil Aviation Approval DAI/9386/92

Interior Aircraft Cleaning

Zi-400 HD Aircraft Cleaner has been tested and conforms to Boeing and AMS interior specifications. It can be used for all aspects of interior cleaning, from cockpit, to cabin, to galley, to cargo hold.

An outstanding multi-purpose cleaner, Zi-400 is highly effective on a wide range of surfaces including carpet, upholstery, leather, rubber, plastics, acrylic windows and lavatories.

As an interior cleaner, Zi-400 is easy and safe to use. It is classified as non-hazardous and non-dangerous according to WHS Regulations and the ADG Code.

Zi-400 has been the trusted interior cleaner of choice for major international and domestic airlines for over 20 years.

Aircraft Window Cleaning

For glass surfaces and mirrors Solidus Industries Cleen Screen Windscreen and Canopy Cleaner provides a crystal-clear finish that is completely free of distortion, halo effect and helps to reduce fogging.

Highly effective on EFIS screens, in-flight entertainment units and instruments, Clean Screen also slows down the accumulation of finger-prints, other oils and grime on electronic touch screens.

With its water based colloidal formulation, Clean Screen is non-harmful and simple to apply both in its standard application or as a spot cleaner on any hard surface.

Simply spray on, buff off.

Aircraft Engine Cleaning

A concept that is not widely recognised in the commercial Aviation sector is how much money could be saved by the regular detergent washing of gas turbine engines, a practice that has long been the standard in the Military, Marine, Power Generation and Oil and Gas industries.

An engine on a commercial wide bodied aircraft will ingest over 100 metric tonnes of impurities per year. This environmental contamination accumulates on the gas turbine engine’s compressor blades. These contaminants include hydrocarbons such as oil, soot and unburnt fuel, which acts as an adhesive to bind solid particles such as dust and salt to the blades and engine internals.

This fouling leads to engine inefficiency which then results in increased load, wear and fuel burn. Not to mention the environmental impacts as well as accelerating the rate of corrosion within the engine.

This is why Solidus Industries are the Oceania distributors of ZOK 27, a world leading gas turbine compressor cleaner that was originally developed for the UK Ministry of Defence specifically to protect and extend the life of their aircraft engines.

We recommend developing a custom washing schedule of on-line and off-line washes with ZOK products to increase efficiency, reduce wear and tear and ultimately provide the maximum return on your investment. These benefits apply equally to smaller single engine fixed wing aircraft and helicopters all the way through to large commercial and military multi-engine airplanes.

Internationally renowned as a dynamic all in one water-based cleaner and corrosion inhibitor, ZOK 27 is accepted by leading OEMs to the Aviation industry including General Electric, Rolls-Royce, Pratt & Whitney, CFM and Safran.

What our Customers Say

Sydney Seaplanes Zi-400 Testimonial SXF Take Off Front View
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There are a lot of aircraft cleaning products on the market, but only one I completely trust.

Phillip Wolff
Chief Engineer & Maintenance Controller
Sydney Seaplanes

5 Stars
AeroGleam WA Zi-400 Testimonial
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With regular washing with Zi-400, corrosion rates have dramatically decreased. Zi-400 is the real deal and can save our clients a lot of money.

Simon Starkey
Manager – AeroGleam WA

5 Stars
McDermott Aviation Zi-400 Testimonial Fire Season
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Zi-400 is easy to use. It ends up taking half the time to wash the Aircraft and we are getting a corrosion prevention treatment at the same time.

Darren Hepworth
McDermott Aviation

5 Stars
Tasmanian Helicopters Zi-400 Testimonial
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Zi-400 is great to use. The aircraft always look 10 times better than other aircraft cleaners.

Darryl Taylor
Tasmanian Helicopters

5 Stars
Matt Hall Zi-400 HD Aircraft Cleaner
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World Champion Pilot Matt Hall

Proud Ambassador of Zi-400 HD Aircraft Cleaner

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