Zi-400 Industrial

Corrosion Inhibiting Cleaner

The Next Level In Preventative Maintenance

Zi-400 Industrial is an advanced multi-application industrial cleaner and corrosion inhibitor. Scientifically proven to protect aluminium and steel alloys from corrosion, Zi-400 also has the ability to shut down the corrosion process after it has commenced. A robust industrial cleaner, Zi-400 efficiently removes heavy fouling including exhaust stains, oils, grease, hydraulic fluid and environmental contaminants such as salts, dust and bird excrement.


Zi-400 Industrial is an advanced all-in-one industrial cleaner and corrosion inhibitor. A game changer in preventative maintenance, Zi-400 Industrial is based on the unique technology of Zi-400 HD Aircraft Cleaner, Australia’s leading aviation cleaning product.

Scientifically proven to protect aluminium and steel alloys from corrosion, Zi-400 also has the extraordinary ability to shut down the corrosion process after it has commenced.

A robust and versatile multiple application cleaner, Zi-400 efficiently removes heavy industrial fouling such as exhaust stains, oils, grease, hydraulic fluid and environmental contaminants such as salts, dust and bird excrement.

When used as part of a regular maintenance schedule, Zi-400 Industrial will help to protect your valuable assets from surface degradation and corrosion for years to come.


Zi-400 Industrial is a water-based formula that is safe to use and environmentally friendly. It is biodegradable, non-hazardous, non-flammable, non-corrosive, low-foaming and non-fuming.

It does not contain any phosphates, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), or ingredients considered to be carcinogens, mutagens, or reproductive toxicants.

Zi-400 is classified as NON Dangerous Goods under the ADG7 and is suitable for uplift by air.

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The Science

Scientific testing of the Zi-400 formula dates back to 1993, when the Australian Defence Force commissioned an in-depth study into the impact of 19 fully approved aviation cleaning products on the corrosion rates of aluminium alloy used in military aircraft.

The study found Zi-400 to not only be a powerful corrosion inhibitor, it also has the extraordinary ability to arrest existing corrosion after it has commenced, shutting down corrosion rates to almost zero. As a result, Zi-400 has been the trusted cleaning product of the ADF ever since.

In 2016, Solidus Industries commissioned Deakin University in Melbourne to undertake an in-depth assessment of Zi-400’s capabilities as a corrosion inhibitor. We asked them to recreate the 1993 testing by the Australian Defence Force, testing Zi-400 against a prominent aviation approved cleaning product that is currently used throughout the world.

You can read a full summary of the Scientific Testing of Zi-400 as a Corrosion Inhibitor here or download the PDF version.


Suitable for use on any surface where corrosion is a concern and all surfaces that tolerate water including paint, varnish, fibreglass, gelcoat, metal, plastic, wood, glass, vinyl, leather and fabrics.

Zi-400 Industrial is a quick-break cleaner, making it suitable for use in oil water separators.


  1. For optimal results, dilute Zi-400 Industrial in warm water where possible (between 30-45°C max) to further accelerate the cleaning action.
  2. Wear the required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as outlined in the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).
  3. For general cleaning, begin the wash with a 1:30 ratio. For heavily soiled areas, make the mix stronger (1:5 ratio at the highest) and apply with a spray-bottle. Recommended application methods include: a good quality brush, sponge, spray-bottle or for maximum efficiency, foaming equipment.
  4. Zi-400 Industrial must be agitated on the surface and rinsed off with water before it dries. Allow a dwell time of a couple of minutes for the product to sit, so as it can lift the grime from the surface before rinsing. Applying Zi-400 with a foamer is a great way to increase dwell time for the product without drying.
  5. Rinse off with water. Zi-400 is naturally water repellent, making for quicker drying times.
  6. Wash regularly with Zi-400 Industrial to maximise corrosion protection.

Dilution Ratios

Heavy Duty Cleaning 1:5-10 parts water
General Cleaning 1:30 parts water
Interior Cleaning 1:80 parts water


Nifty-Lift Zi-400 Industrial Testimonial


5 Stars
“As a manufacturer of elevating work platforms (cherry pickers), we use Zi-400 at the final stage of production to clean the work platform, bodywork, accessories and vehicle, before presenting the finished work platform to our customers. Overall, we find Zi-400 to be highly effective, without being too ‘harsh’ so as to damage the surface finish of painted, powder coated and gelcoat items as is the case with many other cleaning products. Zi-400’s credentials enable us to have minimal impact on the environment, which fits in with our environmental policy.”

Graeme Boucher
Managing Director

Custom Fluidpower Zi-400 Industrial Testimonial

Custom Fluidpower

5 Stars
“Here at Custom Fluidpower we use Zi-400 Industrial Cleaner as a parts cleaner and floor cleaner. Zi-400 is a great product to use and I am very pleased with its performance.”

Alex Tingey
Workshop Manager

Paslode Zi-400 Industrial Testimonial


5 Stars
“Just a note to say how impressed I have been with Solidus Industries Zi-400 Industrial Cleaner. Previously it has been very hard to find a cleaner that ticks all the boxes for performance, cost effectiveness and is environmentally friendly. I have found the cleaner to be extremely effective for cleaning dirt and carbon deposits from Paslode Impulse and pneumatic tools. I have also found it effective in removing road grime from motorcycles and motor vehicles. The results are shown to the service agents that I train who have often taken up the cleaner to replace the cleaning methods they previously employed.”

Bill Mooney

BP Exploration Zi-400 Industrial Testimonial

BP Exploration

5 Stars
“I am writing to let you know how pleased we are with the Zi-400 Industrial you supplied for our application. We have a 300m by 50mm pipeline used to carry Naphtha from the processing plant to a storage tank. Over time this line has been clogged up with a very viscous Glycol based material that had built up on the inside of the pipeline causing a 5mm reduction of internal diameter. We mixed the Zi-400 to 10 parts to 1 and proceeded to pump it backwards and forwards through the line. I would not hesitate recommending this product to anyone who has similar applications or where safety and environmental issues are paramount.”

Greg Smart
Production Supervisor

Mr Green Clean Zi-400 Industrial Testimonial

Mr Green Clean

5 Stars
“I have been running my own carpet and upholstery business for 5 years. One of the services I provide is mattress cleaning using a steam vacuum machine. I have never used any product that has been as effective as Zi-400 Industrial. I have also used Zi-400 on carpets and upholstery. This product is just as effective as the harsh products I have been using. My business has moved to using Zi-400 permanently because it is safer, better for my own health and my clients. I feel empowered to offer a safe cleaning product that can do mattresses, car interiors, carpets, and upholstery.”

Daniel Bennier
Mr Green Clean

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Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Download the Zi-400 Industrial Safety Data Sheet here.

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