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Solidus Industries Announces Sponsorship of 2024 Air Race in Support of Angel Flight

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Solidus Industries is proud to announce its sponsorship of the 2024 Air Race to support Angel Flight.

The 2024 Air Race, organised by Sydney Flight College (SFC), will unfold from May 3-10, 2024 and features 15 race teams navigating Australia’s outback using their aircraft and navigation skills. The race aims to raise funds for Angel Flight – facilitating medical treatment access for rural families facing the financial and logistical challenges of remote living.

Building on the success of the 2023 SFC Air Race for Angel Flight, which raised an impressive $20,000, this year’s target is ambitiously set at $100,000. These funds will cover expenses for 200 non-emergency flights, providing crucial relief to families in regional communities.

The race, spanning six iconic outback destinations and covering 1800 nautical miles of Australian skies, will showcase up to 15 teams competing in a time-trial challenge to demonstrate navigational precision and timing.

SR22 Racers

Solidus is sponsoring the Team SR22 Races piloted by Steve Green and Student-Pilot Nadia Ballantine-Jones. With their secret weapon of Zi-400 their super shiny and clean Cirrus VH-OMG is set to soar through the skies at speed – with less drag or resistance than other aircraft.

This is the team to get to behind to support this great event. You can donate to their cause here, to help them reach their fundraising goal and beyond.
Nadia Ballantine Jones
Student pilot Nadia Ballantine-Jones

Student pilot Nadia Ballantine-Jones of the Australian Women’s Pilot association, has been busy on the ground raising funds for the SR22 Races team, with over $13,000 raised at the time of writing.

Solidus Managing Director Annie Mack said she was proud to support both Angel Flight and women in aviation generally, “it is always an inspiration to see more women dedicating themselves to become pilots”.

Aviation has always been a part of Nadia’s life with her Mum working for Pan-Am. Growing up in Kyeemagh which neighbours Sydney Airport, Nadia’s favourite childhood past time was plane spotting and from a young age she became a frequent flyer of 747s. From there her passion for flying blossomed and she is currently pursuing her dream of becoming a Pilot In Command (PIC).

In addition to the race, each team member aims to raise $1500 for Angel Flight, with public contributions further boosting their efforts.

Solidus Industries’ sponsorship of the 2024 Air Race underscores its commitment to supporting initiatives benefiting communities across Australia. Partnering with Angel Flight aligns with Solidus Industries’ mission of promoting innovation and excellence in the aviation industry while addressing critical healthcare needs in remote areas.

“We’re delighted to sponsor the 2024 Air Race in support of Angel Flight,” said Annie Mack, Managing Director at Solidus Industries. “This partnership reflects our dedication to utilising our resources and expertise to make a positive impact in the aviation industry. We’re honoured to be able to support a cause that facilitates access to essential medical services for individuals and families in regional Australia.”

Get behind SR22 – make your Angel Flight donation here:

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