Solidus Industries Cleaning Products

Zi-400 Aircraft Colloidal Cleaner

Zi-400 Aircraft Colloidal Cleaner is a fully approved, highly advanced aerospace cleaner, specifically designed to provide corrosion inhibition whilst cleaning.

Aviation Market Leader

Zi-400 Aircraft Colloidal Cleaner is tested and conforms to stringent international military and civilian aerospace standards. The combined cleaning and corrosion inhibiting abilities of Zi-400 have made it the market leader and industry benchmark throughout the entire aviation sector from ultra-lights and recreational aircraft to the heaviest military and commercial airliners, even the space shuttle!

Zi-400 Marine – Advanced Corrosion Inhibiting Boat Wash

Zi-400 Marine is a premium all-in-one boat cleaner and corrosion inhibitor. Scientifically proven to protect aluminium and steel alloys from corrosion, Zi-400 Marine also has the extraordinary ability to shut down the corrosion process after it has commenced.

Game Changing Technology To Protect Your Vessel

Perfect for use on any marine vessel including fibreglass and gelcoat surfaces, Zi-400 Marine will not only give your boat a pristine finish, it will help protect it from surface degradation and corrosion for years to come.

ZOK 27 | ZOK Gold – Aero Turbine Cleaner

Zok 27 is specifically designed for cleaning and de-carbuizing the inside of gas turbine engines. ZOK 27 was originally developed to meet the UK Ministry of Defence requirement for a combined cleaner and corrosion inhibitor for helicopter turbine engines.

Biodegradable, Water Based, Environmentally friendly

ZOK 27 is water based and fully biodegradable.

Environmentally Safe

It is so environmentally safe that it is approved for use in the North Sea. Zok 27 is now the approved cleaner for British military aircraft engines and is in wide spread use on all current gas turbine engines in many other applications including Civil Aircraft, Marine, Oil and Gas, Industrial and Power Generation.

Cleen Screen – Aviation Windscreen Cleaner

Cleen Screen is a cutting edge Aviation Grade windscreen and canopy cleaner. Cleen Screen is used to remove marks, smudges and bug spots from windscreens, canopies, paintwork and plastics.
Cleen Screen’s anti-static properties help stop dust, dirt and lint sticking to cleaned surfaces. This reduces frequency of and time spent on cleaning. Cleen Screen will not leave a film that could produce optical distortion or halo effect and has a rejuvenating effect on cleaned surfaces.

Aviation Industry Windshield Cleaner of Choice

Cleen Screen is primarily intended for the Aviation market for cleaning aircraft windscreens and canopies. It is the Aviation Industry's windshield cleaner of choice for both fixed wing aircraft and helicopter pilots.

Zi-400 Industrial Cleaner

Zi-400 Industrial strength cleaner is cutting edge colloidal technology. It is not a conventional detergent or surfactant based cleaning product. It has been developed specifically for use in the workplace and is a further development of Zi-400 Aerospace Cleaner.

Cost Effective Cleaning

Because Zi-400 Industrial Colloidal Cleaner is such a highly concentrated product, it may be diluted through a wide range of ratios to suit the particular task at hand. This and the fact that it is physically different to conventional soap or detergents, means that Zi-400 can often replace a number of different cleaning products, reducing inventory, thus making it highly cost effective. These factors add up to substantial cost savings.

2 Litre Pump-up Foam Applicator

Foam application is the quickest and most effective way of applying cleaning fluids. The 2 litre Pump up foamer is perfect for small jobs where the bigger compressed air-powered units are not required.