About Solidus Industries

Eco 2000 TeamAbout Solidus Industries

Solidus Industries (formerly eco2000) manufacture and distribute world class corrosion inhibiting cleaning products specifically formulated and approved for the Aviation, Power Generation, Oil and Gas, Mining, Industrial and Marine Industries.

Oceania manufacturers of Zi-400 cleaning products for over 25 years, in 2019 Solidus Industries incorporated Z.I. Chemicals as part of their global expansion in Aviation and Industry.

Our Mission
Our mission is to be a trusted and reliable supplier of cost effective, environmentally safe, industry best practice products that allow our customers to excel in their business.

Our Values

Mutual Trust & Integrity

We understand that any successful business relationship is based on mutual trust and integrity. Our primary goal is to become a trusted partner to our customers. ‘Your success is our success.’

Business Excellence

Our advanced technology products are formulated to be highly effective and efficient. They are extremely versatile and can often take the place of multiple specialised cleaning liquids. For Solidus Industries it is not about the quantity of products but the quality and efficacy of the product range – less is more.

We are committed to uncompromising quality and promoting industry best practises. Understanding the crucial need to embrace change, we constantly endeavour to be recognised as best in class by our customers. We employ highly skilled and motivated people who understand the market and the respective industries we supply.

Our Principles

  • Uncompromising quality
  • Minimal or no environmental footprint
  • Help the customer understand the difference between better and more

Our achievements

  • Supplier of Zi-400 Aircraft Cleaner to the Department of Defence
  • Australia’s only manufacturer of approved Aircraft Cleaning Products
  • Fully integrated Manufacturing, Research and Development and Warehouse facility in Victoria, Australia