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Zi-400: Matt Hall's Secret Weapon Against Aircraft Corrosion

In this new video, Red Bull Air Race World Champion and former Royal Australian Air Force fighter pilot Matt Hall reveals his secret weapon against corrosion of his fleet of aircraft.

Whether it is protecting a 80-year-old P51D Mustang warbird against corrosion, removing exhaust gas soot from his luxurious B200 King Air or providing optimal aerodynamics and aesthetics for racing, Matt loves using Zi-400 HD Aircraft Cleaner.

Matt Hall Zi-400 HD Anti-corrosion Aircraft Cleaner
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Zi-400 is the best product I have ever used for cleaning. It keeps the planes looking great, but it also keeps them serviceable with the anti-corrosion features, so I just love it.

Matt Hall first flew aircraft protected by Zi-400 over 25 years ago, as a young top gun FA-18 Hornet pilot. Scientifically proven to protect aircraft against corrosion, Zi-400 has been the trusted cleaning product of the Australian Defence Force since 1993, and today is used by search and rescue operators, police airwing, air medical services, commercial airlines, flight training schools, charter services, aerial application and general aviation worldwide.

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