08Sep 2015

Why the RAF and GOLD Standards make for a very clean and safe environment when it comes to cleaning Gas Turbine Compressors If you want an excellent gas turbine compressor cleaner, then you had better use one with an established pedigree. Over 30 years ago the RAF commissioned ZOK; a UK based chemical manufacturer to […]

17Dec 2014

This Airworthiness Bulletin sets out to provide general guidance and warnings on the subject of aircraft washing and cleaning and also serves as a reminder that any work carried out on an aircraft, including washing and cleaning, is required to be in compliance with the applicable aircraft’s manuals and other relevant product user instructions. Read […]

21Oct 2014

The cost of corrosion to the U.S. Commercial aircraft industry for the year 1996 was estimated at $2.225 billion.  Further, it has been stated that corrosion costs the US military about $20 billion each year. What can be done to reduce this alarming figure?  What sort of things need to be looked at?  Does aircraft […]

07Sep 2014
Flying Doctor service washing a plane

Before we start with how to wash an aircraft correctly and successfully, maybe we should first ask; why should we wash it? Is this a trick question? Not really. Of course we wash aircraft to make them clean again after service. Why do they need to be clean? Is it purely for aesthetic reasons or […]